App’s core features

See why our Taxi Platform is a great solution for your business.

Client Application

  • 1-splash-screen

    Welcome View

    View where user decides the way to authenticate into the system. It has a welcome message or company slogan.
  • 2-login-view

    Login View

    In this view the user can login with Facebook, Google or with a registered email account.
  • 3-register-view

    Register View

    Register with Facebook, Google+ or with own email and photo.
  • 4-home-view

    One Tap Taxi Order

    This is the home view, where user location is shown on the map, and the user only has to tap on the arrow in order to create a new Trip Request.
  • 5-trip-request-in-progress

    Searching for a Cab

    This is the state when the system is asking closest drivers to accept the trip.
  • 6-driver-accepted-the-trip

    Trip Accepted

    When the trip is accepted, the client can see how the driver is coming to his location. Also, after viewing drivers stats (rating and feedback) the client can cancel the trip, only if it hasn't started yet.
  • 7-trip-states

    Pre-Trip View

    Client is updated with the latest data about the trip until it has been started. There are 5 states for the trip.
  • 8-trip-in-progress

    Trip in Progress

    While the trip is in progress, the client can see stats about current trip and the path they have already travelled.
  • 9-trip-overview

    Trip Overview

    When the trip is finished, the final stats of the trip are shown on the screen, as well as the feedback view to rate the driver.
  • 10-menu-drawer

    Menu Drawer

    The user can see his stats and the number of online drivers, edit his own info from his profile, see his trips history, his own feedback etc.

Driver Application

  • driver-scr-1

    Driver Splash Screen

    This is the first page that appears when opening the app for the first time. It will be also shown after logout.
  • driver-scr-2

    Login View

    The view where driver can login with his own email and password.
  • driver-scr-3

    Register View

    The View where driver will add his photo, personal details, and car details. After registration, the driver has to be approved from admin panel so that he can then log in.
  • driver-scr-5

    New Trip Request View

    Whenever a new trip is available for the driver, he will have 60 seconds to accept or refuse the order.
  • driver-scr-6_0

    Trip to Client View

    After driver accepted the trip, he will have 2 states: started and arrived. In the above view the driver has to tap the button and then start driving to the client, so that the client is notified with new information about the requested trip.
  • driver-scr-6

    Trip in Progress View

    While the trip is in progress, the driver will see the time and distance that was travelled. Also, the path that was travelled can be seen on the map. Note: The above path was done using random GPS locations within 100m, for the demo purposes.
  • driver-scr-7

    Completed Trip & Feedback View

    After the trip has been completed, the overview is shown on the screen, as well as an optional feedback for the client.
  • driver-scr-8

    Menu Drawer View

    In the menu, the driver can see his own stats as well as navigate to his profile, trips history and his reviews. Also he can invite friends and logout from the menu.

Web Fixed Location

  • 1-trip-details

    Fixed Location Trips

    Imagine a touch screen in hall of a hotel where any visitor can order himself a Taxi right now right here? This is the tool to create unlimited orders for fixed locations. It can be used by visitors, hostesses in restaurants or even receptionists.
  • 2-all-trips

    Trips History

    See all the trips that were ordered from this point.
  • 3-profile

    Edit Fixed Location

    Edit the profile for fixed location like: latitude and longitude, name, photo etc.

Web Admin Panel

  • 1-dashboard-admin


    Main page from where an overview over the platform can be seen. Also a report can be downloaded.
  • 2-mapview

    Map Overview

    Watch all drivers' with their statuses on map.
  • 3-drivers


    Manage drivers accounts. Here you can accept/reject a driver registration as well.
  • 4-assets


    Drivers can have different features to offer to their clients. Before they choose which of these apply for their cab, these assets have to be added in admin panel.
  • 5-requests


    Here all trips can be monitored as well as all the info about start & end point.
  • 6-users


    All users can be monitored and managed from here. Their information can be modified without limits.
  • 7-reviews


    When a trip ends, clients can write reviews for drivers, and drivers as well can write reviews for clients.
  • 8-info-pages1

    Info Pages

    Additional pages and their content can be added remotely in mobile apps by adding them here.
  • 9-sms

    Send SMS

    Send an SMS message to all or chosen drivers.
  • 10-cab-types

    Cab Types

    Manage the types of cabs to be available when drivers register and when clients choose the type of the transport they need.
  • 11-docs


    Additional documents can be added to be requested by drivers. E.g. driving license, taxi license etc.
  • 12-promos

    Promo Codes

    Users can be given promo codes so that they can pay for a trip or so.
  • 13-payments


    All the payments that were done using the system, even the failed ones, will be shown here. A nicely generated report can be downloaded.
  • 14-settings


    Page where all the platform can be set up, from template strings to timezone and units.